Come BE the Living Bridge Between Ancient Wisdom & Leading Edge Technology

Our Mission:

shaman healer

To Educate and Empower
a New Standard Of
Heart Centered Healer-

Combining the Wisdom
and Practices of The
Ancient Masters-

practices of ancient masters

With Our Newest
of The
Body, Mind, and Spirit.

body mind and spirit

Learn Healing From Masters


ancient ways

BE The Living Bridge!


Beurin University

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Beurin University Invites You to Join Us As We Walk the Path of The Ancient Ones

What's Unique About This Program?

Are you an amazing heart-centered healer who
feels reluctant to be shoved through the
dry, left-brained hoops of academia?


     Beurin University is committed to providing a natural, organic approach to education providing an experience that feels healthy and wholesome inside.

Experiential VS. Academic

Imagine an integrated approach to learning where your mind and your heart can come together in a community and an environment that is nourishing for your mind and nurturing for your heart and soul.

You won't just be talking about practices to promote

healing and mastery; you'll be living them!



There Is No Program Offered Like This Anywhere In The World!



-Plugging into the most powerful set of tools and skills ever assembled

-Taught in a nurturing, empowering environment

-And emerging as a Dual Ph.D and a Published Author


An Invitation

"Our students will be learning from tribal elders in Sedona and New Mexico, and we have Hunas who will be teaching us in Maui.

Imagine sitting at the feet of a great shaman, having your life forever changed by the experience and learnings you bring back home with you as a healer.  Now imagine watching it all over again on your hone or iPod."

"Beurin University's Dual Doctorate Program is extremely selective, as most of you know, last year we accepted less than ten percent of the students we interviewed. As we reach out and expand our mission into the world this year, I invite you to find out if perhaps you are meant to be a part of our community of Healers who truly are dedicated to being the living bridge between wisdom of the ancients and leading edge technologies!"

--excerpt from press conference at UCLA honoring a faculty member by Dr. Colbey Forman, Dean of Beurin University


If this approach to education speaks to you, and you connect to our vision, mission, and purpose; if you feel an inner calling to be this kind of healer, please explore this site further then call and speak directly to an admission counselor to explore the possibilities.

We invite you to contact us :877-282-9355 0r
Or Email:

This site's purpose is to convey the general vision and mission of our program, as well as give the prospective student a "feel" for what our program is about. The design has been guided by students who are currently enrolled at BU who expressed a desire to capture the unique experience of community, ancient wisdom and practices not expressed on the main Beurin University website. Beurin University is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit institution organized as an educational ministry for public and charitable purposes.