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10 Advantages of Being A Beurin University Student

1.    Set up practice that is integrative--supporting both mind and body--anywhere in the world.  Unlike typical mainstream, licensed psychologists, or other practitioners who are excluded from practicing a wide variety of approaches and integrating them, and can lose their licenses by using outside practices such as Chinese herbology, nutrition and energetic healing, the BU graduates can integrate a wide variety of approaches into their practices.

2.    You will be a published author at the end of your program, allowing you to reach a wide audience.!

3.    Receive the authority to teach/lecture world-wide on this new and revolutionary approach to thriving.

4.    Freedom to be a healer who can in one session heal a lifetime phobia, integrate Bio Medical Healing Nutrition*, prescribe homeopathic remedies, balance energy with Chi Kung healing or other ancient techniques, mix up Amazonian or Chinese herbs, and teach breathing and meditation techniques to relieve stress.

This is truly the first program in the world that allows  the
Teacher/Doctor/Leader to integrate mind, body and spirit all at once

Two powerful members of our amazing faculty, David Carridine and his sifu, Kam Yuen, stated that the healers of 3000 years ago were healers, warriors and holy beings, all in one person.  This will be the first time in a millennia that a program exits to create a synthesis and synergy of these modalities and gifts. Beurin University is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit institution organized as an educational ministry for public and charitable purposes and empowers its students to be true leaders of the spirit, mind, and body!  

5.    Lecture authoritatively on Psychoneurology*, Bio Medical Nutrition*, and Integrative Medicine. Our doctoral graduates are board-certified by the American Board of Biomedical Nutrition and the American Board of Psychoneurology so you can set up an integrative healing practice in mind and body healing.

6.     Begin or enhance Your practice during Your education. Our doctoral students command $150-300/hr for their services. Upon graduation, fees can increase. This is a set industry standard.  You will be one of only a few therapists qualified to use these tools to create maximum impact for the good of your patient/client.

7.    BU graduates have a virtually 100% success rate with patients who have attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Phobias.

8.    Consult with organizations and businesses to bring harmony, teamwork, and excellence to their endeavors.

9.    Traditional universities and colleges spend years on an abstract quantitative body of work, but BU gets right to the point and gives you an experience that teaches the techniques you will use in your new career.

10.    You will be a part of the most loving and nurturing environment you will find anywhere on the planet!

Really, however, I believe the biggest benefit of being a student at BU is the gift you are giving yourself--helping YOU to become all you can be!


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