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Beurin University's Dual Doctorate Program in

Psychoneurology* and Naam


PhD in Naam / Body, Mind, Spirit, Health & Thriving

with an Emphasis in Bio-Medical Nutrition             

PhD In Psychoneurology and Consciousness*



Come Walk the Path of The Ancient Ones


Beurin University

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*Psychoneurology is a drug-free alternative to traditional Psychiatric and Psychological approaches. Be a part of a new paradigm in health and wellness worldwide! All doctoral students are eligible to be board certified by the American Board of Psychoneurology.

BU is Pioneering Bold New Approach to Education

Here are a few of the masters who have taught at Beurin University

-Remi Kabbaka, African tribal chief

-Seeing Bear,  Hopi Shaman

-Kam Yun, the Shaolin priest and teacher of David Carradine

- Bapakwaleeed, a Sufi mystic

-Dr. Edward Wilson, "House" Doctor of internal medicine who has lead teams at USC and UCLA

-Dr. Colbey Forman, founder of the field of Psychoneurology

-Kristie Reeves, Theta healing

-Master Lam Kim, Shao Lin Priest Abbot and Master Teacher Of Chi Kung

-Dr. Randy Martin, teaching Medical Homeopathy

-Silva Devorak, who teaches Amazonian Herbology, shareing her experience traveling to the Amazon where she was able to interact and learn from Shabeebo shamans.



Be a Part of History!

BU is pioneering the most profound movement in mind body healing in the last century. Come be a part of it!